Saudi Arabia

A History of Wahhabism and the Hijacking of the Muslim faith


“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell.

The old military jihad to spread the faith was now replaced by a cultural offensive. The Saudi-based Muslim World League opened offices in every region inhabited by Muslims, and the Saudi ministry of religion printed and distributed Wahhabi translations of the Quran, Wahhabi doctrinal texts and the writings of modern thinkers whom the Saudis found congenial, such as Sayyids Abul-A’la Maududi and Qutb, to Muslim communities throughout the Middle East,


Saudi Arabia -49 foreign construction un piaid workers protesting sentenced to prison and corporal punishment in the form of lashes.

Saudi Arabian media is reporting that 49 foreign construction workers protesting unpaid wages have been sentenced to prison and corporal punishment in the form of lashes.United Nations Human Rights commission is headed by Saudi Arabia


Hindu man facing beheading in Saudi Arabia for “blasphemous” Facebook post-

DECEMBER 28, 2016 12:00 PM
Hindu man from Indian state of Telangana languishing in Saudi jail for his ‘blasphemous’ FB post. Save him from Sharia Execution.Saudi Arabia — ruled by Sharia — also carries out dozens of beheadings, yet Western analysts still claim that the Islamic State is an aberrant entity.Soudi Arabia currently head United Nations Human Rights Commission