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Asylum Seeker shot five times cannot prove he is escaping persecution!

By Rev Angleena
The family claim that one of the sons Adan was employed at a private hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. He was a caretaker for patients, he had been assigned to take care of a gunshot wound patient. Once the patient was released he was asked to continue to care for him even at the female doctors home. The family allege the doctor was a member of the Islamic militant group called Lashare E Jangevi. Adnan witnessed many incidents whilst there and was asked to join the militant group and convert to Islam. He refused.


Sri Lanka is constructing world's tallest artificial Christmas tree

The world record attempt is a symbol of religious harmony in the previously war-torn nation.
Posted on November 7, 2016,Colombo:
Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka is currently constructing the world’s tallest artificial Christmas tree which they hope will break the Guinness World Record and promote religious harmony.Once completed, the Christmas tree will stand at a height of about 114 meters and be decorated with 500,000 multi-colored lights.


Tamil Nadu fishermen cannot join building Kachchativu church

Kachchativu church.jpg
Sri Lanka:Presently, the foundation has been laid and columns have come up.
Tamil Nadu fishermen can contribute money towards expansion of Anthony’s church on Kachchativu, but they cannot participate in the actual building of the shrine, a church official has said.

St. Anotny’s parish priest Father Jayaranjan, who works under Jaffna diocese told Indian Express newspaper on Wednesday reacting to Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s demand that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should intervene to see that Tamil Nadu fishermen participate in the construction of the shrine.