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Should Vice Chancellor be a Bishop


On Monday, 12 February 2018, the Supreme Court of India will continue hearing the case involving Bishop R. B. Lal. He is a scientist and the Vice Chancellor of India's first full Christian university, SHUATS (Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology, and Sciences). Some people are angry that the executive head of a state university is also the Founding-Bishop of a Church -- Yeshu Darbar. Thousands come to hear him every week as he preaches the Gospel, heals the sick, and casts out demons.

Hindu New age Guru Asaram Bapu sexual assault case: Supreme Court pulls up Rajasthsn BJP govt over threats to witnesses

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Kamini Jaiswal appearing for Karamvir Singh, father of the 16-year-old girl, said the aides of Asaram were threatening witnesses.
PTI| Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 08:09

The Supreme Court on Monday pulled up BJP Rajasthan government for failing to take any action on the threats being given to witnesses by aides of self-styled religious figure Asaram Bapu, facing trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at his Jodhpur ashram.The apex court asked the state government to approach the High Court, seeking cancellation of bail granted to four of his aides - Shiva, Shilpi, Sharad and Prakash, if any fresh attempt of intimidation of witnesses is made by Asaram or on his behalf, along with evidence.

National Eligibility-cum- Entrance Test (NEET’) Full Judgement of Supreme court

Page 1(According to
surveys held by independent entities, CMC, Vellore and
St. John's Medical College, Bangalore, have been placed
among the top Medical Colleges in the country and have
produced some of the most brilliant and dedicated doctors
in the country believing in the philosophy of the
institutions based on Christ's ministry of healing and
caring for the sick and maimed.
149. Although, there is some difference of opinion as to
the right to freedom of religion as guaranteed under
Article 25 of the Constitution being confined only to


Teachers of Private unaided minority schools have no parity with counter parts in govrnment -Supreme Court

Supreme Court held in Aug 2011 that "Teachers of private unaided minority schools had no right to claim salary equal to that of their counter-pa​rts working in Government schools"-Service Law – Private unaided School – Pay Scale equal to Govt School
A. K. Patnaik, The Hon'ble Supreme Court held that , the Division Bench the High Court of HP has rightly held in the impugned judgment that the teachers of private unaided minority schools had no right to claim salary equal to that of their counter-parts working in Government schools and Government aided schools. The teachers of Government schools are paid out of the Government funds and the teachers of Government aided schools are paid mostly out of the Government funds, whereas the teachers of private unaided minority schools are paid out of the fees and other resources of the private schools. Moreover, unaided private minority schools over which the Government has no administrative control because of their autonomy under Article 30(1) of the Constitution are not State within the meaning of Article 12 of the Constitution. As the right to equality under Article 14 of the Constitution is available against the State, it cannot be claimed against unaided private minority schools. Similarly, such unaided private schools are not State within the meaning of Article 36 read with Article 12 of the Constitution and as the obligation to ensure equal pay for equal work in Article 39(d) is on the State, a private unaided minority school is not under any duty to ensure equal pay for equal work.