Tamilnadu christians protest against desecreation of church by police

Hundreds of Christians in Chennai yesterday observed a one-day fast against the police raid on a village church near an atomic nuclear plant in Koodankulam.
People from various parishes too took part in the hunger strike led by Archbishop A. M. Chinnappa of Madras-Mylapore.

"The police had insulted religious symbols," the Salesian prelate said.

The gathering demanded action against police officers who permitted his men to enter the St. Lourdes Church in Idinthakarai village.


Tamil Nadu, Protestant Christians still targeted by Hindu extremists,-Protestant-Christians-still-t...
Tamil Nadu, Protestant Christians still targeted by Hindu extremists
The predominantly Christian village of Vanagiri Menvar was assalted; homes and places of worship burnt. The toll is one dead and over 15 injured. Most of the refugee population is still in the woods surrounding the village. This is the fifth attack since 2012.