Petition accusing BBC of marginalising Christians reaches 6,000 signatures

Sat 11 Mar 2017
By Marcus Jones
A petition which accuses the BBC of an orchestrated attempt to Islamise the UK, has reached 6,000 signatures.Campaign group Voice for Justice UK (VFJUK) says the corporation is deliberately marginalising Christianity despite it being the majority religion in the country.

It's calling for an urgent investigation into the governance and policy of the BBC, and for a review of the licence fee.


Quoting King James Bible abusive and criminal’, court hear-s2 hours agoEngland & Wales

Michael Stockwell and Michael Overd outside Bristol Magistrates' Court.
A public prosecutor told a judge that quoting the King James Bible in modern British society must be considered “abusive” and “criminal”, it has emerged.Ian Jackson made the remarks at Bristol Magistrates’ Court during a four-day trial involving two Christian street preachers.


Muslim SPITS IN BABY’s FACE and shouts abuse at stunned non-Muslim mom

By Pamela Geller - on February 21, 2017
Rebecca Telford, 25, and her daughter Layla-Jean were shocked by the attack
She said: “South Shields is really multicultural, and I have never witnessed anything like this before, between any races.“It was horrifying. I am glad he has been brought to justice, but I think he has got off lightly.
“I am not racist at all but I honestly think if it was the other way round and I had been abusive towards him, then I would have been treated differently.”


Fears mount over scale of Buddhist sect sexual abuse

Followers allege they were coerced into sex in 1970s and 80s with elders of UK’s Triratna order
‘Deep regret’: Dennis Lingwood, now frail at 91, is the founder of the Triratna order.
Sunday 19 February 2017
One of the UK’s largest Buddhist orders has been forced to report allegations of sexual abuse after a former follower claimed he was coerced into sex with one of its elders. In a separate development, the group’s founder has apologised for having relationships with its members – some of which, he has previously acknowledged, may have been against their will.