Billy Graham’s last message to America is this: Beware of the Devil!

Billy Graham is one of the greatest of God’s Generals still alive today. He’s 98 years old now, and has been blessed to outlive everyone of his critics from the 70’s. As a dedicated servant of Jesus Christ, he has prepared one final message for America before he goes to be with the Lord.


“I remain hopeful that proper actions can be undertaken to help preserve a welcoming, ethical, tolerant, and legal religious environment in the USA. We are a religious nation, yet also a nation of laws. Religious freedom must not be used as an excuse or cover to inflict abuse and commit crimes. That is not what our laws provide for”, says the anonymous author.


We Will Stop Them': Pence Vows US Will Stand with World's Persecuted Christians

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence warned those gathered at the first ever World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians that the world has become a dangerous place for believers."The reality is, across the wider world, the Christian faith is under siege," said Pence.


Press Release! INOC, USA deplores mob attack on Nigerian Students in Greater Noida, India

INOC, USA deplores mob attack on Nigerian Students in Greater Noida, India

‘It is a sad day for a nation when foreign nationals are targeted, harassed and beaten up. What kind of a country India wants to be?’ asked George Abraham, Chairman of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA. ‘We strongly condemn the alleged racist and brutal attack on Nigerian students by a mob in Greater Noida, U.P and call upon the Ministry of External Affairs and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to take prompt action to identify and to bring the perpetrators to justice. Undoubtedly, these are hate crimes and should be dealt with seriously’ the statement added.