Evangelical ministry reaches out to Sikhs in the US

Wisconsin Oak

In the days after the deadly shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek on Aug. 5, Faith Builders' pastor, the Rev. Jeff Pruitt, grew angry.
Not just at the senseless loss of life, or the desecration of a house of worship.
It had been abuzz after the July massacre at a Colorado movie theater that left 12 dead - with pastors decrying the tragedy and offering their condolences.
But on the Monday after the Sikh temple shooting, Pruitt said, there was nothing.



OAK CREEK, Wis. — The priests had gathered in the lobby of the sprawling Sikh temple here in suburban Milwaukee, and lunch was being prepared as congregants were arriving for Sunday services.Instead of worshipers, though, an armed man stepped through the door and started firing.

In an attack that police said they were treating as “a domestic terrorist-type incident,” the gunman stalked through the temple around 10:30 a.m. Congregants ran for shelter and barricaded themselves in bathrooms and prayer halls, where they made desperate phone calls and sent anguished texts pleading for help as confusion and fear took hold. Witnesses described a scene of chaos and carnage.


Author of God's Missiles over cuba Tom White passes away-GCIC condoles death

Tom White: (1947-2012)
Dr.Tom White, a crusader against persecution of Christians worked alongside VOM’s founders, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand passed to Glory today.
Tom led The Voice of the Martyrs for more than 20 years, including years of incredible growth in the ministry’s reach to support and work with persecuted Christians and to share their stories . 17 months he spent in a Cuban prison for gospel.He is also the author of God's Missiles over cuba and hundreds of articles on persecution of Christians across world


Dr. Angana Chatterji’s testimony at the Congressional Hearing organized by the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

March 22, 2012

Re.: Hearing on Religious Minorities in India

March 21, 2012

The following is the testimony given by Dr. Angana Chatterji at the US Congressional Hearing organized by the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on March 21, 2012.
Representative Pitts, I thank you and the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission for honoring me with an invitation to testify at the hearing.

I would also like to acknowledge the dedicated work undertaken by civil society groups in support of the rights of non-dominant religious and ethnic groups and minorities in India, and in response to organized riots and violence against minorities, as well as by state and non-state bodies.
The riots and organized violence against Christian minority communities in Orissa in December 2007 and August-October 2008 was not unexpected. In Orissa, since the mid-1990s, a formidable mobilization has been established by Hindutva groups, including in Kandhamal district. These groups have acted with impunity with adverse impact on society, economy, religion, and security. The Sangh Parivar ‘family’ of Hindutva, Hindu supremacist, organizations has a visible presence in twenty-five of thirty districts in Orissa, and has amassed between 35 and 40 major organizations (including paramilitary hate camps), and a massive base of a few million operating at every level of society.