Dr. Angana Chatterji’s testimony at the Congressional Hearing organized by the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

March 22, 2012

Re.: Hearing on Religious Minorities in India

March 21, 2012

The following is the testimony given by Dr. Angana Chatterji at the US Congressional Hearing organized by the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on March 21, 2012.
Representative Pitts, I thank you and the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission for honoring me with an invitation to testify at the hearing.

I would also like to acknowledge the dedicated work undertaken by civil society groups in support of the rights of non-dominant religious and ethnic groups and minorities in India, and in response to organized riots and violence against minorities, as well as by state and non-state bodies.
The riots and organized violence against Christian minority communities in Orissa in December 2007 and August-October 2008 was not unexpected. In Orissa, since the mid-1990s, a formidable mobilization has been established by Hindutva groups, including in Kandhamal district. These groups have acted with impunity with adverse impact on society, economy, religion, and security. The Sangh Parivar ‘family’ of Hindutva, Hindu supremacist, organizations has a visible presence in twenty-five of thirty districts in Orissa, and has amassed between 35 and 40 major organizations (including paramilitary hate camps), and a massive base of a few million operating at every level of society.


US religion panel puts India on Watch List, cites slow justice

Washington DC
The US government panel that monitors global religious freedom has once again listed India among countries that require close monitoring due to religious freedom violation.In its annual report, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) placed India on a 'Watch List' for 2012, citing concerns that justice for past communal violence continues to be "slow and ineffective".


American Indians convicted of sexually abusing,slavery of daughter-in-law

New York, Feb 27, 2012 (PTI)
A US court has convicted three members of an Indian family here on charges of sexually abusing their daughter-in-law who came to America after an arranged marriage and was threatened to work as a slave.


Indian Hindu spiritual guru found guilty of immigration fraud

New York : An Indian spiritual guru has been found guilty by a federal jury of selling religious worker visas to Indians for over USD 30,000 each to enable them to enter the US fraudulently.Sagarsen Haldar (31) also known as Gopal Hari Das, identified himself as the president of a Hindu temple Gaudiya Vaisnava Society (GVS) in Milwaukee.