Woman behind Roe v. Wade: Helping legalize abortion was ‘the biggest mistake of my life’

Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court case that legalized abortion on demand in the U.S., and led to the deaths of countless millions of unborn babies.And yet, though the pro-abortion media and President Obama are celebrating the day, almost nobody is talking about the true story behind Roe v. Wade.And no wonder why. It's terribly inconvenient for the pro-abortion cause.One woman, Norma McCorvey, knows the true story all too well.


INOC seeks action against Hindutva groups active in US

February 15, 2017
From Lalit K Jha
Washington, Feb 15 (PTI) The US chapter of Indian National Overseas Congress (INOC) has sought action against Hindutva groups that raise funds in the United States, days after an independent bipartisan American body asked the Trump administration to ban such groups in the country.


Hindu American Foundation slams USCIRF over anti-India report

PTI | Updated: Feb 13, 2017
'Country of Particular Concern Watch list,' or "Tier 2" list in league with Afghanistan, Turkey, Russia and India"
.WASHINGTON: The United States Commission for International Religious Freedom has put its credibility at stake by publishing a report critical of religious freedom in India by a Pakistan-origin author known for his anti-India stand and support to separatists, a top Hindu-American body has said.


India rubbishes US report on religious freedom

New Delhi, Feb 9, 2017(PTI)
India today rubbished a report by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) that alleged escalation of hate crimes against minorities in the country, saying it has serious doubts on the report's credibility.