Trump's Refugee Plan Will Prioritize Christians Suffering Religious Persecution

President Trump has signed a flurry of executive orders during his first week in office and apparently he isn't done yet. He is expected to sign a series of executive actions related to national security as early as Friday. One is related to combating ISIS and others will impact U.S. refugee policy, according to a White House official.

NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson reports that the actions include a 120-day moratorium on any new refugees entering the United States to give the government time to come up with a plan that prioritizes Christians suffering from religious persecution.

Another action would indefinitely block new Syrian refugees from entering the United States. There will be a 30-day ban on immigration from seven countries with predominantly Muslim populations: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Sudan.


White House removes special prayer rooms for Musllimsindicating fair trade of Christian prayer rooms in Islamic countries..

The constitution of USA says the government will not interfere with the free exercise of religion. Nowhere does it state that the people cannot practice their faith in or out of government.


Woman Behind Anti-Trump ‘Women’s March’ Linked to Terrorist Organization

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There were around 200,000 people who went to D.C. for the “Women’s March” on Saturday, many of whom probably didn’t realize the organizer of the event has ties to terrorism.
Linda Sarsour is a Pro-Palestine Muslim activist with ties to the terrorist group Hamas. She also wants Sharia law instilled in America. (via Daily Caller)


A Tale of Two Stories

Posted by Jill Carattini on January 16, 2017
Topic: A Slice of Infinity.Flashing headlines stopped lesser trains of thought that morning, many of us hearing the news for the first time. The busy flow of strangers and hotel employees walking briskly toward their respective conference rooms stopped, and together we stood watching.