Horror and fear strikes the Muslim world as Trump wins -Christian refugees hopes fair deal

Horror and fear swept through Muslim countries after Donald Trump was confirmed as President of the Unites States after months of anti-Islamic rhetoric.The Republican made his most controversial remarks about Islam in December last year, sparking anger among the world's 1.5billion followers of Islam when he called for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. after a mass shooting in California.


Donald Trump wins the presidency in stunning upset over Clinton

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By Karen Tumulty, Philip Rucker and Anne Gearan November 9 at 3:45 AM
Donald Trump was elected the nation’s 45th president in the stunning culmination of a campaign that defied expectations and conventions at every turn and galvanized legions of aggrieved Americans in a loud repudiation of the status quo.

Hillary Clinton’s quest to make history as the first female president was thwarted by the Republican nominee’s breathtaking performance at the polls. He was carried to victory by voters fed up with the political system and mistrustful of Clinton, a former first lady, senator and secretary of state.

Trump, a 70-year-old celebrity businessman who had never before run for office, is poised to become the oldest president ever elected to a first term.


Christians welcome Trumps resolve to repeal JOhnson amendment

Trump has repeatedly vowed to “get rid of” the tax rule that Lyndon B. Johnson introduced in 1954 while running for reelection as a Texas senator -- a provision that some religious groups and churches consider an infringement on their freedom of speech.Trump blames Johnson for “silencing the church.” That’s not quite what LBJ intended


Judge Rebukes Obama over Lack of Christian Refugees

A federal judge called out the Obama administration over the lack of Christian refugees being allowed into the United States from war-torn Syria."It is well‐documented that refugees to the United States are not representative of that war‐torn area of the world. Perhaps 10 percent of the population of Syria is Christian, and yet less than one‐half of 1 percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States this year are Christian," Judge Daniel Manion wrote.