"Uttarakhand cabinet approves draft bill to make "forced religious conversions a non-bailable offence"

Uttarakhand cabinet approves draft bill to make forced religious conversions a non-bailable offence
March 13, 2018

The Uttarakhand state cabinet has approved the draft bill called ‘Dharm Swatantrata Adhiniyam‘ under which forced and illegal conversions will be a non-bailable offence. The state government is aiming to curb the incidences of religious conversions by means of force, bribes or incentives and duping. Under this bill, a person, if caught with being involved in such practice will have to face a jail term from one year to five years. The minimum jail term will be two years if the victims belong to SC or ST category.According to reports, if a person wants to convert voluntarily, he/she will have to submit an affidavit with the respective District Magistrate one month prior, in order to clarify that the conversion is voluntary and not forced.


Christian Worship Stopped, Believers Assaulted in Makhdumpur, Uttarakhand

Hinduvta extremists on July 31st stormed Christian worship, attacked Believers in Uttarakhand States, MakhdumpurTehsil in Jehanabad District.

Nearly 300 Believers had congregated for the weekly Sunday worship when a mob of extremists stormed the church, verbally abused the Believers and made false allegations of forcible conversions and assaulted Believers including women and children

Pastor Bachan Singh said that the extremists had been threatening the Church and had been warning of dire consequences if Worship was not stopped in the Tehsil.


Swamy Nigamanda fasted to death against corruption in BJP ruled state ?

Most powerful social activists against corruption and persons in high places concerned about the health of Baba Ramadev ignored valiant fight of Swami Nigamand aginst corruption in BJP's own backyard

Swami Nigamananda, who was on fast for nearly four months demanding a halt to quarrying in Ganga, died due to coma, Septicaemia and degenerative brain disorder, his postmortem report said.
The 36-year-old seer of Haridwar-based Matri Sadan Ashram was on indefinite fast since February 19 also demanding shifting of Himalayan stone crusher from Kumbh mela area was in coma since May 2.