Christians can Change this World:Dr Peter Hammond |

If God can change you, then God can use you to change some part of this world. That our fallen world needs changing is beyond question. When our newspapers and films glamorize immorality, undermine traditional family values and encourage selfishness, greed and lust; when criminals escape justice by legal technicalities; when half of the world suffers under totalitarian dictatorships and persecution; when pornography, perversion, abortions, terrorism and the occult are increasing - then we know that this world needs to be changed. But most Christians have abandoned their moral responsibility to bring the light of the Gospel into heathen darkness. Many Christians are allowing their own children to be brought up by godless humanism in state schools and entertained by occultism and pagan magic through Hollywood films and television.

Poster Girl of Taliban Oppression Unveils Her New Face-receives heart endures award

London | Oct 13, 2010
A young Afghan girl, who went on to become a poster girl of Taliban oppression in Afghanistan after her nose was sliced off by her militant husband, has unveiled her new face to the world.


Bishops urge EU to combat anti-Christian persecution

The Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) is urging the European Union to defend the rights of persecuted Christians.“75% of the death[s] linked to hate crimes of [a] religious nature concern people of Christian faith,”


Benedict XVI: The pope of his epoch (II)

Written by John A. Oyewole
JOHN Paul 11, throughout his pontificate, was a model of peace and love for humanity, whose dignity he believed should be restored. This he did by simple positive actions like embracing persons with HIV/AIDS at the time when people were most reluctant to touch them. John Paul 11 extended the arms of oneness, friendship, dialogue and ecumenism by praying at the Wailing Wall as well as in the Mosque in Jerusalem while respecting the decorum of each religion; and it was during his era that a mighty Mosque was built in Rome.
Because of these and more, Pope John Paul 11 won the admiration of many including non-Christians. Besides, John Paul 11 made series of apologies to those concerned, and stressed the importance of the right of peaceful co-existence of all groups of people. The fact that Muslims and Jews see him as a great man is indeed an indication of a man of God who strove to make peace between opposing people who indeed should have been friends.