Indian doctor accused of crimes, becomes president of World Medical Association

NEW DELHI, 22 Oct 2016,
The World Medical Association (WMA), the top medical-ethics body, on Friday installed an Indian doctor facing corruption charges as its president, despite controversy surrounding his appointment while legal cases are pending.
A statement released by the WMA said Dr. Ketan Desai delivered his inaugural speech as president on Friday at the association's annual assembly in Taiwan. He will serve in the position for 2016/17.


Cardinal Bo endorses UCAN religious freedom report

'On the Edge' shows how the Catholic Church is concerned about the erosion of this fundamental right.
Posted on October 17, 2016, 8:17 PM
The On the Edge book published by UCA News holds a mirror to religious based hatred and is a fitting warning to not compromise on freedom of conscience, said Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon.
"This document to me is the 'magna carta' of religious freedom in Asia," said Cardinal Bo during the On the Edge book launch in Yangon Oct. 14. This book will shed great light on the need for religious freedom, he said.


The 13 illuminati the world today

The 13 illuminati families that secretly run the world today
As the powerful elite continue their plan for total control over humanity and the planet’s limited resources, a family of 13 illuminati bloodlines continue to secretly pull the strings behind the scenes.


Another World Mental Health Day, Another Report On Rising Children's Worries, Another Reason To Think Differently

Quarter of a million children currently receiving mental health care in England.
Barry Richardson Creative Director, The Worrinots
World Mental Health Day started in 1992 but in 24 years, has much really changed? To me it seems that over all this time very few new ways of tackling the rising number of children with mental health issues have been implemented, which means the problem has spiralled during that time. As Albert Einstein once said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In my opinion this is not a very astute way to rectify the issue. It requires something more because recent studies show that children's mental health issues are on the rise. Just a few days ago The Guardian released a report suggesting that the problem is getting worse with a quarter of a million children currently receiving mental health care in England.