Student Satanists Announce Lamb Sacrifice and Bible Burning at Clemson U

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As most people know, demonic cults were a myth propagated in the 1990s with the hysteria of ritual abuse spreading throughout the US and Europe. They never existed, but it has become trendy for some people to emulate the imagined practices of Satanists. And now students at Clemson University have announced plans (via a poster) to perform a “live bloodletting and lamb sacrifice” and a burning of Bibles to commemorate the building of a new campus chapel.


Missionary schools in Pakistan closed after church bombings:Pak Catholic church observes three days mourning

Missionary schools in Pakistan closed after church bombings MI EXCLUSIVE
Published: 5:32 pm, September 23, 2013 Story By: Kamran Chaudhry, Lahore

Pakistan Christian children at a demonstration

Lahore: Catholic Church in Pakistan has announced three days of mourning after a twin suicide on a Church in Peshawar yesterday. Archbishop Joseph Coutts of Karachi condemned the terrorist attack which claimed 83, including seven children, and injured more than 100 at All Saints Church, located in a narrow market of Kohati gate area. “I demand government to protect religious minorities and take steps to avoid similar incidents. Our educational institutes will remain closed as a sign of mourning and protest.