Bajarang Dal

Pastor Keshava K,brutally attacked by Bajrangdal activists

Pastor Keshava K, who was brutally attacked by Bajrangdal activists, in a village near Jaipura, Koppa, Chickmaglur Dist, Karnataka, two days ago.(11/03/2016) He is 38. He is currently in jail along with his wife and 2 other women.
A certain man from a Hindu background belonging to the above village invited Pastor Keshava to visit them to pray for someone sick in their house. They also arranged the transportation by sending a car for the pastor to travel. Pastor Keshava went to that village along with his wife and two other believers. As they stepped into the house and stood up to pray, two activists from Bajrang Dal came and started assaulting the pastor. As soon as the Bajrang Dal activists came, the people in the house left. It was a well planned, prearranged trap. Then they filed a case under IPC section 292 A in the Koppa police station. Nearly 200 BJP/RSS/Bajrang Dal activists had surrounded the police station by that time. All the local lawyers are said to be afraid to take up the case. The following 4 people are in Chickmaglur jail.


Bajarnag Dal activists in Madhya Pradesh forcefully detain Pastor Thomas and team

Sagar District (Madhya Pradesh) - 8th April ’11: Pastor Thomas Philip and a team of 4 Brothers went to visit a Hindu family near Moti Nagar Police Station in Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh on 7th April in the evening, as the people concerned were interested to know more about the gospels and Jesus Christ. Also, one of them was showing special interest in the teachings of our Lord. After spending some time with the family they prayed for the family and were about to leave at about 7:30 p.m, when around 35 Bajrang Dal and RSS activists barged into the house and surrounded them. Then they began questioning them why they had come to that Hindu house and continued to accuse them of trying to convert those people to Christianity by alluring them.

Justice Somashekara Commission Final report-Church wise attacks-GCIC rejects the biased report

Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) has demanded that the Karnataka government reject Justice Somasekara Commission report which gave a clean chit to the state administration, BJP leaders and the Sangh Parivar in the attacks on churches in September 2008. GCIC has also demanded the publication of report submitted by the special investigation team of National Human Rights Commission on Karnataka Church Attack.