Bible and Muslims a former Imam explains

What Does the 'Bible' and 'Jesus' Mean to Muslims? Converted Imam Explains.A former imam from Egypt with strong family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood leadership who converted to Christianity, said Friday that some Muslims in the U.S. are using "Islamic deception" to fool Christians into believing misconceptions about the religion.Mark Christian, who became a Sunni imam at the young age of 13 because his great uncle was a co-founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, detailed during a webinar hosted by the American Pastors Network how he began to question Islam around the age of 23, and eventually left the religion. He explained that he lived "dead inside" for a period of six or seven years before the "truth" ultimately led him on a journey to Christ that took over 10 to 15 years.


Footballer who survived Colombian plane tragedy was reading Bible passage about being safe 'in the shadow of your wings' before crash it emerges as his book is found

A footballer who survived the Colombian plane tragedy was reading a Bible passage about 'being safe in the shadow of your wings' before the crash.The bible, belonging to Chapecoense centre back Helio Neto, was found at the scene of the crash and has been handed to the footballer's wife.His wife said Neto, who is still fighting for his life in hospital, is deeply religious and takes the religious scripture with him everywhere.


Quran And Bible Are Not Central To The Soul Of India Says Indian Cultural Minister

At a time when ban on sale of meat in various states is dominating the public debate in India, Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma pressed for making Hindu epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Gita compulsory in schools while saying that Quran and Bible are not central to the soul of India during an interview with TV news channel India Today.