Kerala orthodox church supports Narendra Modi?

Ramesh Babu , Hindustan Times February 09, 2014

In the stagnant bipolar politics of Kerala the saffron party has always been an untouchable. Its attempt to open an account has failed in every election.
This time, the BJP has received some balm from an unexpected quarter. The clerics of the Jacobite Syrian and the Malankara Orthodox churches have lauded Narendra Modi openly. Sniffing some acceptance, the party has since rushed its emissaries to their head quarters. Though both are smaller denominations, these sects are dominated by professionals and business men.


BJP President demonizes English:"We have started forgetting our religion and culture these days

NEW DELHI: BJP chief Rajnath Singh has stirred up a huge controversy with his comment that English has caused a great loss to India by eroding its cultural values and stymieing the growth of Sanskrit in the country. The comment was greeted with derision by intellectuals and political leaders on Friday.
A television report showed Singh as saying: "We have started forgetting our religion and culture these days. There are only 14,000 people left in this country speaking in Sanskrit. Knowledge acquired out of English is not harmful but the Anglicization penetrated into the youth is dangerous.


BJP's protest, ex-SC judge Joseph for National Human Rights commission(NHRC)

The candidature of former Supreme Court judge Cyriac Joseph for the post of Member, National Human Rights Commission, was questioned by BJP's over his "integrity and competence".The post is reserved for a former SC judge and is vacant since Justice G P Mathur completed his term in January.


BJP Magazine Publishes Article Depicting Nuns in Poor Light , IGCIC sai Maha Sangh Demands Legal Action ,

Bhopal: 9/04/2013/ The latest issue of the Baratiya Janata Party run fort-nightly magazine “CHARAIVETI” carried an article titled “the life of nuns in the hell of the Church” written by a Delhi based writer R L Francis. The issue has become centre of controversy in Madhya Pradesh.