Christian Persecution

Christian leaders seek clarification of Aceh Islamic law

Inconsistent implementation inhibits religious freedom, church leaders say.
Posted on April 25, 2016,

Protestant leaders in Aceh met with Indonesian human rights officials April 22 over the inconsistent implementation of Islamic law in the province, which the church leaders say has restricted religious freedom.

At issue is the construction and administration of churches in the province. Within the past nine months, 10 Christian churches have been torn down by local authorities or attacked by a Muslim mob.
Last August, a mob burned down the Pakpak Dairi Christian Protestant Church in Mandumpang village, killing one person and forcing thousands of Christians to flee the area. Two months later, Sharia officials tore down nine Christian churches — including two Catholic mission stations — that the officials said had no permits to operate.


Holy See urges attention to suffering of Christians

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(Vatican Radio) The Holy See on Thursday said it has become “outdated” to speal about minority and majority communities when it comes to discrimination, “since victims of intolerance and discrimination may belong to either.”

Monsignor Janusz S. Urbańczyk, Permanent Representative of the Holy See to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), was speaking at the OSCE Permanent Council.

“In particular, in the case of Christians, it is recognized that they are suffering violations of their rights also where they are a majority, often in ways that go unnoticed,” Msgr. Urbańczyk said. “Therefore, all forms of religious intolerance and discrimination need to be carefully identified and equally addressed, avoiding any improper selectivity or hierarchical approach.”


Middle East Christians will keep wary eye during Easter

Middle East (MNN) — As churches across the U.S. prepare services, celebrations, and potlucks for the Easter weekend, others are celebrating resurrection weekend, but with a wary eye toward the front door.
“Easter Sunday here, we’re worried about where we’re going to park or who is coming to lunch,” Doyle said. “Believers in the Middle East are consumed with, ‘Am I going to be alive on Monday.’”
Last year, 148 Christian students at Garissa University were killed in the week before Easter. Though the group leaders later cited the reason for the carnage as retribution for Kenya’s incursion into Somalia to fight militants, the suicidal gunmen seemed to have a motive other than a political one. The gunmen separated the Muslim students from the non-Muslim and reportedly taunted those they were about to kill: “We don’t fear death; this will be a good Easter holiday for us.”


Telangana, Hindu radicals attack Pentecostal believers. also hit a four year old girl

Telangana, Hindu radicals attack Pentecostal believers. also hit a four year old girl
Nirmala Carvalho

About 40 extremists disrupted the function, manhandled the present and fire to the prayer room. Hindus tore the shepherd's robe and threw down their Bibles; then they have torn and trampled. The improvised prayer room did not have the "building permits".