Christian Persecution

Middle East Christians will keep wary eye during Easter

Middle East (MNN) — As churches across the U.S. prepare services, celebrations, and potlucks for the Easter weekend, others are celebrating resurrection weekend, but with a wary eye toward the front door.
“Easter Sunday here, we’re worried about where we’re going to park or who is coming to lunch,” Doyle said. “Believers in the Middle East are consumed with, ‘Am I going to be alive on Monday.’”
Last year, 148 Christian students at Garissa University were killed in the week before Easter. Though the group leaders later cited the reason for the carnage as retribution for Kenya’s incursion into Somalia to fight militants, the suicidal gunmen seemed to have a motive other than a political one. The gunmen separated the Muslim students from the non-Muslim and reportedly taunted those they were about to kill: “We don’t fear death; this will be a good Easter holiday for us.”


Telangana, Hindu radicals attack Pentecostal believers. also hit a four year old girl

Telangana, Hindu radicals attack Pentecostal believers. also hit a four year old girl
Nirmala Carvalho

About 40 extremists disrupted the function, manhandled the present and fire to the prayer room. Hindus tore the shepherd's robe and threw down their Bibles; then they have torn and trampled. The improvised prayer room did not have the "building permits".


Canadian cardinal examines persecution and genocide against Christians

MARCH 12, 2016
In presentations March 3 at St. Louis University and the next day at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, Cardinal Thomas Collins, the Archbishop of Toronto, laid out the case of persecutions among Christians in the Middle East.
Sadly, the case is open and shut, labeled as genocide by Pope Francis, the European Union and many others. Islamic extremists are killing Christians with alarming regularity or driving them from century-old homelands in Iraq and Syria.Mosul, Iraq, for instance, has been cleansed of Christians. Further, Christian sites, including historic St. Elijah's Monastery, have been leveled by the self-proclaimed Islamic State. The monastery dates to 400 A.D.
"For the first time in 1,600 years, Mass is not celebrated in Mosul," Cardinal Collins said. "All of the Christians have been expelled."Cardinal Collins likewise described Syria as being in a "horrible situation," an equally dire example of genocide and martyrdom. Libya is another hot spot. Last year, 21 young men were martyred in one graphic incident, beheaded on a beach. Video of the atrocity included audio, so the men's words at the time of death were recorded and revealed 20 of them — Coptic Christians — demonstrating their faith just prior to their executions.


100 NGOs, leaders: Mr. Obama, ISIS slaughter is genocide

100 NGOs, leaders: Mr. Obama, ISIS slaughter is genocideSaturday, February 20, 2016 | Michael F. Haverluck (
More than 100 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Christian leaders have banded together to send a letter to President Barack Obama, urging him to recognize the atrocities that the Islamic State is inflicting upon countless Christians and other minorities as genocide — something his administration has refused to do so far.
Family Research Council (FRC), the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), and the Hudson Institute, along with numerous Assyrian and Iraqi groups and more than 100 NGOs and pro-religious freedom leaders have been meeting in Washington, D.C. — banding together to form the International Religious Freedom Roundtable (IRFC). On Wednesday, the group submitted a letter calling for the Obama administration to take a stand for persecuted Christians and other minorities around the world by declaring the numerous massacres orchestrated by ISIS “genocide.”