Christian Persecution

Benedict XVI: The pope of his epoch (II)

Written by John A. Oyewole
JOHN Paul 11, throughout his pontificate, was a model of peace and love for humanity, whose dignity he believed should be restored. This he did by simple positive actions like embracing persons with HIV/AIDS at the time when people were most reluctant to touch them. John Paul 11 extended the arms of oneness, friendship, dialogue and ecumenism by praying at the Wailing Wall as well as in the Mosque in Jerusalem while respecting the decorum of each religion; and it was during his era that a mighty Mosque was built in Rome.
Because of these and more, Pope John Paul 11 won the admiration of many including non-Christians. Besides, John Paul 11 made series of apologies to those concerned, and stressed the importance of the right of peaceful co-existence of all groups of people. The fact that Muslims and Jews see him as a great man is indeed an indication of a man of God who strove to make peace between opposing people who indeed should have been friends.


Kandhamal nun rape case First phase trial ends in Cuttack-Orissa

Orissa Diary : Cuttack: The first phase hearing of Kandhamal Nun rape case finished. The next date for hearing is fixed to August 10 and 11. On the fifth day out of four witnesses, two were present and recorded their witness. In close door hearing at the Chamber of Cuttack District Judge Bira Kishore Mishra.
First the witness of the Cuttack Sadar SDJM Prasanta Kumar Das were recorded. On 5th January, the TI Parade conducted in Choudwar Jail by Cuttack Sadar SDJM Sri Das. Sri Das said Out of 9 accused father Chelen had failed to identify a single accuse. Concerned Nun could abale to identify two accused Kartik Pradhan and Santosh Patnaik.


Allegation of Blasphemy is now a death sentence in Pakistan

Christians in Pakistan take to the streets to protest the death in custody of a Catholic youth accused of blasphemy against Islam

Many won’t agree with this claim and consider it over-exaggerated. But they must then explain how the insult to a holy personage can be tantamount to the death sentence when none of the saints or prophets killed those who rebuked them, according to all the holy books.


Two christian undertrials shot dead in Pakistan by Islamic Militants,-two-Christian-bro...

On trial for blasphemy, two Christian brothers murdered in Faisalabad
by Fareed Khan
Rashid Emmanuel and Sajid Masih Emmanuel were shot to death outside the courthouse right after a trial hearing. Both were handcuffed on their way back to prison. Police were going to clear them of the accusations. For days, Muslim religious leaders had incited Muslim faithful against the two, calling for their death.