Christian Persecution

Pakistan Aquits Christian of False Murder Charges

CBN News Saturday 21st February, 2015
A persecuted Christian has been acquitted of a crime in Pakistan.The American Center for Law and Justice reports their affiliate in Pakistan, the Organization for Legal Aid, won the favorable ruling on behalf of Imtiaz Masih.Masih is a Christian who was falsely accused of killing his Muslim employer's brother.When that man was killed, his brothers Muhammad Aslam and Muhammad Sarwar abducted Masih and tortured him, forcing him to confess to the crime.

Vatican calls on Muslim leaders to condemn Christian persecution in Iraq

Statement suggests dialogue with Islamic representatives may be cut if leaders fail to denounce crimes in name of religion
The Vatican has called on Muslim leaders to denounce unambiguously the persecution of Christians and Yazidis in Iraq – and hinted that it is considering breaking off dialogue with Islamic representatives if they fail to do so.


Police in India rebuke, file case against Christians fleeing Hindu extremist attack in Jharkhand

A police station official in India’s Jharkhand state this month reviled
Christians who sought protection after Hindu extremists beat and threatened
to kill them for refusing to convert to Hinduism, area church leaders said.