Christian Persecution

Kandhamal Pastor's house attacked in broad day light

House of Pastor Pabita Mohan Kota (Village: Adigar, G P Minia, P S Sadar Phulbani) was attacked by throwing bricks, by Mr Jaleshwar Pradhan of same village, today 25 Jan, at about 3.45 p m.. According to wife of the pastor, the attacker appeared to have consumed plenty of liquor and came shouting towards her house, he pushed her daughters, shouted "You Christians must not live here, it is not your patta land, last time only your houses were broken, this time all of you will be buried here." He began to throw brick pieces and bricks at the house. There is plenty of pieces of bricks of old house and new new bricks too have been brought to rebuild house. Children and wife of the pastor ran away to a distance. Pieces of bricks could be seen all over and asbestos of house too have been damaged.




A National People’s Tribunal (NPT) on Kandhamal was held in New Delhi
on 22-24 August 2010, organized by the National Solidarity Forum - a
countrywide solidarity platform of concerned persons from various
walks of life. The NPT aimed at assisting the victims and survivors of
the Kandhamal violence 2008 to seek justice, accountability and peace
and to restore the victim-survivors’ right to a dignified life. The
twelve-member jury of the NPT was headed by Justice A.P. Shah (retd.).
The Tribunal’s final report was released in Bhubaneswar on 2nd
December 2011. The report is based on the testimonies of 45 victims,
survivors and their representatives. Additionally, it incorporates and
draws upon the contents of studies, field surveys, research, fact-
finding reports and statements to the Tribunal that were presented by
15 experts.


Nun served the lepers of Bangalore for thirty years expelled-GCIC demands intervention of UNHRC

Sister Jean, a British national better known as Sumanahalli Society's 'Mother Teresa', has been ordered to bid farewell to Bangalore, a city where she spent 30 years caring for leprosy patients. The 63-year-old said she wasn't given any reason by authorities and simply told to leave the country by Monday(today). 63-year-old Sr Jean, whose name is Jacqueline Jean McEwan.