Christian Persecution

Nun served the lepers of Bangalore for thirty years expelled-GCIC demands intervention of UNHRC

Sister Jean, a British national better known as Sumanahalli Society's 'Mother Teresa', has been ordered to bid farewell to Bangalore, a city where she spent 30 years caring for leprosy patients. The 63-year-old said she wasn't given any reason by authorities and simply told to leave the country by Monday(today). 63-year-old Sr Jean, whose name is Jacqueline Jean McEwan.


Salafi Muslims' Agenda behind Christian Persecution in Egypt

Salafi Muslims' Agenda behind Christian Persecution in Egypt

By Jeremy Reynalds
EGYPT -- A recent spate of violence in Egypt, mostly incited by conservative Salafi Muslims after President Hosni Mubarak's downfall, has left over 24 killed, more than 200 wounded and three churches destroyed.According to a report by the World Evangelical Alliance's Religious Liberty Commission (WEA-RLC), the perception of threat to Christians is so severe that many of them are reportedly seeking to move out of the country.


Karnataka: police detain Pentecostal pastor on false charges
Karnataka: police arrest Pentecostal pastor on false charges
by Nirmala Carvalho
The incident happened in Bangalore on June 5. Hindu radicals campaign against the law intended by the government to curb sectarian violence. The President of the Global Council of Indian Christians: "We are treated like second class citizens."