Hindu extremists disrupt meetings among Christians

ASIA/INDIA - Hindu extremists disrupt meetings among Christians
Thursday, 29 September 2016 religious minorities religious freedom hinduism violence human rights .Bangalore (Agenzia Fides) - A meeting on the Gospel was interrupted with violence and a stand with Bibles and Christian material were destroyed: is the latest violence perpetrated by Hindu extremists against Christians in India. As Fides learned, in the first episode, the home meeting promoted by Pentecostal Pastor Daniel, in Shimoga district (Karnataka state), was blocked by Hindu extremists who complained about the alleged proselytism and called the police who stopped the Pastor and the faithful.

For cow and country? God bless you all

Fanaticism pushes us into a never-never land of listless intolerance

In this India we are fortunate to belong to, we have lived our faiths for much of our lives unselfconsciously as Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Parsees, animists and non-believers. I could sign off my valedictory address at the World Atheist Conference in Vijayawada with a “God bless you all” without being misunderstood one bit by my hosts or my audience.


Trump rips media for mocking Christians _By Jonathan Easley

Donald Trump accused the media of mocking Christians and vowed to be a champion for religious liberty at a gathering of social conservatives in Washington on Friday.

Speaking at the Values Voter Summit, the GOP presidential nominee received several standing ovations from the packed ballroom of Christian conservatives.
Trump has at times struggled to convince social conservatives that he can be a trusted advocate for the causes that are important to them, but many have come around as they consider the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency.
On Friday, Trump thrilled the crowd with a speech that flashed an increased familiarity with the language Christians use and the issues that are most important to them.


G20: Beijing free Christians from five months in prison for subversion

G20: Beijing free Christians from five months in prison for subversion
China Christians.jpg
Ji Qingcao, Ji Qingcou, Ou Jinsi, Mei Xueshun and He Lijing were arrested in April on charges of public disorder and obstruction to the government. In fact, they were protesting the demolition of the Guankou Church. A Wenzhou Christian: The government is trying to pacify the area ahead of the summit of world powers.