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Constant violation of Human Rights in India.Amnesty International 2017, Report

02/27/2018 INDIA

Amnesty International: in 2017 a constant violation of human rights in India


Offending gods or asking for just wage could cost you your tongue

Offending gods or asking for just wage could cost you your tongue
An employer cut his workers tongue off to avoid having to pay him. Hindu nationalist leader: "We will not tolerate the insult of intellectuals, rather we will forcibly silence them”. The President of the Global Council of Indian Christians: "Threats of Hindutva violence led to 2008 pogroms in Orissa and Karnataka."


It’s also time to keep a watch on radical Hindu groups

by R Jagannathan Aug 23, 2012
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Why are we not surprised to read that Hindu groups may also be behind some of the hate-propaganda during the recent Assam violence and the exodus of north-easterners from various cities in the south?