Bihar, Hindu extremists attack Pentecostal communities and torture a Christian


Nirmala Carvalho

The group was participating in a peaceful two day rally. After the naming ceremony of some Christians, the radicals attacked the faithful. Previously they had tortured a Christian, who refused to insult the name of God, for five hours. The man was beaten with chains, sticks and a scythe; his wounds rubbed with water and alcohol; his body subjected to electric shocks.


Indian Pastor beaten and stripped naked on the street:

Patna (Fides Service)-beaten and stripped naked on the street: it is the fate of Indian Pentecostal Christian citizens assaulted in the State of Bihar because publicly preached the Christian faith. As reported to Fides by the global Council of Indian Christians (Gcic), the episode took place in the District of Patna, capital of Bihar. The Christian Deepak Kumar had stopped in front of the Barh railway station and began to speak publicly of Christ by proclaiming his Gospel to anyone who would listen. Suddenly ten militants, allegedly belonging to Hindu etsremisti groups, approached and began to smite him and insult him, leaving him half-naked and wounded land. Sajan k. George, President of the global Council of Indian Christians (Gcic) has condemned the violence and told Fides: ' these men have committed a crime and must be stopped. Kumar was not doing anything illegal: he was simply speaking the truth


A group of about 40 Hindu extremists in a Pentecostal Christian Assembly stormed during a prayer meeting,


New Delhi (Agenzia Fides) - A group of about 40 Hindu extremists in a Pentecostal Christian Assembly stormed during a prayer meeting, interrupting the worship, threatening the faithful and seizing Bibles: as reported to Fides by the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), the incident took place last Sunday, April 3, in Kawardha district in the Indian state of Chattisgarh.
Sajan K George, president of the GCIC told Fides: "Chattisgarh has earned a record of infamy for radicals who illegally suppress religious freedom. Last month alone 25 extremists beat men, women and children and a church was vandalized, in Raipur district".


Lahore(Pak) attack, calculated cruelty

Lahore attack, calculated cruelty
Riaz Masih and Nasreen Riasat had been married for four years, with their first child on the way in just a month, when they decided a slow walk in the park would be just the thing to enjoy a pleasant Sunday evening in Lahore.
In a moment of calculated cruelty, they were thrust into the long roll call of families victimised by a jihadi suicide bomber on the Easter holiday, and among the vast accounting of terrorism’s toll on a country racked by extremism, again and again, for years.“I can’t figure out what happened!” Masih said, his voice choking with grief as he lay in a bed at Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital on Monday. Riasat, his wife, was torn apart by the bomber’s blast, she and their soon-to-be-born child among the dozens killed. “Within minutes, I lost my wife. I couldn’t save her.”