GCIC lauds gracious intervention of Pope Francis saving Sudanes couple

A smiling and visibly relieved Meriam arrived safely in Rome this morning, along with her husband and their two children. They were escorted by the Italian Deputy Foreign Minister who helped negotiate her departure from Sudan. Meriam accompanied by her husband Daniel Wani and their two children later met with Pope Francis in Rome,who has graciously used his office to negotiate for the release of this couple.Global council of Indian Christians(GCIC) lauds the the visionary pope for his involvement in the affairs of persecuted Christians across the world.We also hope and pray that Papal intervention will save lives of Christians in Nigeria and middle east Christians are persecute for faith in Christ


Chhattisgarh, "denied entry" to non-Hindus

Chhattisgarh, "denied entry" to non-Hindus: They damage the traditional culture
by Nirmala Carvalho
It is the decision taken in 35 villages in the tribal district of Bastar by the gram sabha (local councils). For the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) "is so that you sow suspicion and distrust in the community." The Chhattisgarh "is becoming a cauldron of hatred for the traffickers against non-Hindus."


Catholic couple’s murder shock waves in Darjeeling Hills :GCIC condemns savage attack

Siliguri:In a shocking incident today, a husband and wife from Gidabling near Kalimpong were brutally hacked to death with a sharp weapon by some unknown miscreants, while their 12-year-old daughter sustained major injuries. Fortunately, no harm came to the couple’s younger daughter, aged 7.
The deceased, Dominic Bhutia and Christina Bhutia, were daily wage workers, and they were found dead inside their house this morning, lying in a pool of blood.


madhya Pradesh Pastor brutalized by police and anti conversion charges clamped

Pastor Bhikanlal Dhurvey a Gond Tribal 28 years is serving the Lord for the past 8 years in a place called Gandhi Nagar among the Gond tribals in Bhopal .Gandhi Nagar is 8 kilometers from Bhopal Railway station and 1 kilometers from the Bhopal Airport.
Around 15 men and woman from Gond tribals are coming for fellowship.
A man named Khilyan from their Gond tribe who is alleged to be a drunkard and a thief is believed to be closely associated with the Bajrangis namely Pawan Singh Dhakad and Chandra Prakash
Khilyan collaborated with of the Bajrangis filed a false case against Bhikanlal at the Gandhi Nagar police station,alleging that he is involved in converting the Gond Tribals to Christianity by alluring them with money.