GCIC condemns Attack on Tribal Christians in Thane on Christmas Eve

Hinduvta extremists on 24th Dec attack Tribal Christians in Thane District, Maharashtra.Two Tribal Christians were seriously injured after extremists assaulted them on Christmas Eve in Dodepada, Vikramgarh, Thane Rural, Maharashtra.Global council of Indian Christians(GCIC)condemns this brutal attack


Hindutva outfit continue hate mongering in Dakshin Karnataka

Members of a pro-Hindu outfit intercepted a Bangalore-bound bus on Tuesday to attack a Minority community boy, who had accompanied a Manipuri girl to the bus-stand to help her with her luggage. However, the boy had left the spot by that time and the gang mistakenly beat up a Hindu boy who had taken his seat. One of the eyewitnesses said that they beat him up till he collapsed and fainted. The boy was later taken to a private hospital and discharged on the same night.