lIndia: after 48 years among poor children, Compassion International closes its doors,-...
The NGO has lost the license because of allegations of forced conversions. 76% of beneficiaries were Hindu children. The American Association operated throughout India through 589 partners, mostly Christian communities. The Narendra Modi government has imposed stricter controls on NGOs receiving funds from abroad.


crimes against Christians in India in the month of February 2017, taking the toll to 38 incidents of hate crimes against Christians

crimes against Christians in India in the month of February 2017, taking the toll to 38 incidents of hate crimes against Christians in the first two months of the new year. The list is as follows -

Maharashtra - 4
Chhattisgarh - 4
Delhi - 2
Bihar - 2
Odish - 1
Rajasthan - 1
Jharkhand - 1
West Bengal - 1
Uttar Pradesh - 1
Tamil Nadu - 1
Madhya Pradesh - 1
Haryana - 1
3 February - A group consisting of Bajrang Dal members trespassed into a Christian cemetery that belongs to the Church of North India (CNI) along with the cadaver of a Hindu beggar, for cremation in village Khalia Pali, Odisha. When the Christians present confronted them, the group started to get violent. They called for more of their members and broke the lock of the cemetery. The CNI authorities immediately called the police. The police on arriving asked the Bajrang Dal members to take the dead body and perform his last rights according to the faith he belonged. The Hindu extremists while leaving, threatened the Christians of 'something more dangerous and severe coming their way'. The situation has been very tensed in that area since that day according to Pastor Sukanta Nag of the CNI Church. According to reports the members of the Bajrang dal are trying to mobilize the local Hindus against the Christian community. It was reported that a group of about 40 Hindu extremists tried to attack the local Christians on 9 February as well.


Major setback, embarrassment to National Human Rights Commission(NHRC))India

Packing the NHRC with retired judges, police officers, civil servants comes in for scathing criticism in report to United Nations; report recommends NHRC’s accreditation be deferred till November 2017
A damning report to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) recommends that accreditation to India’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) be deferred till November, 2017.


India rubbishes US report on religious freedom

New Delhi, Feb 9, 2017(PTI)
India today rubbished a report by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) that alleged escalation of hate crimes against minorities in the country, saying it has serious doubts on the report's credibility.