Kandhamal Pastor's house attacked in broad day light

House of Pastor Pabita Mohan Kota (Village: Adigar, G P Minia, P S Sadar Phulbani) was attacked by throwing bricks, by Mr Jaleshwar Pradhan of same village, today 25 Jan, at about 3.45 p m.. According to wife of the pastor, the attacker appeared to have consumed plenty of liquor and came shouting towards her house, he pushed her daughters, shouted "You Christians must not live here, it is not your patta land, last time only your houses were broken, this time all of you will be buried here." He began to throw brick pieces and bricks at the house. There is plenty of pieces of bricks of old house and new new bricks too have been brought to rebuild house. Children and wife of the pastor ran away to a distance. Pieces of bricks could be seen all over and asbestos of house too have been damaged.


House burnt down in Kandhamal

Br. Deelip Mallik s/o Lange mallick is from a village known as Madinata near Baliguda in kandhamal district had gone with his family for Christmas day worship on 24th December.When he returned he found that his house was burnt down along with his cows and other domestic animal he reared in a shed attached to his house. He has lodged an FIR in the Baliguda police station.GCIC has pursued the matter with district authorities


Kandhamal Dispatch: Br. Markose-GCIC appeals for prayers for Kandhamal believers

Dear friends
I have been touring interior areas during past few days. I just reached Phulbani. I am to leave for Pobingia after sending you this mail. The Parish Priest at Pobungia (Phiringia block) is among the most frightened people in Kandhamal.
A good number of families of Phiringia, Chakapad, Tikabali, K Nuagam blocks have left the distict as they were in fear of being attacked. Many people told me that they would not go to chruch for night services. Many places, village chapels have not been decorated too. At many villages, though they have not fled the places, people are in fear.

A catechist killed in Orissa: Hindu radicals are playing with terror


By Nirmala Carvalho
Rabindra Parichaa, a well-known Christian activist in Kandhamal region, scene of violent attacks in the recent past, was found dead under mysterious circumstances. He is the third Christian leader killed this year. The police, who, conniving with the radicals, try to pass the killings off as accidents, unmasked in court.