High Court in Kashmir stays proceedings against Rev Khanna, but his life is in danger

High Court in Kashmir stays proceedings against Rev Khanna, but his life is in danger
by Nirmala Carvalho


High court of Jammu and Kashmir stayed proccedings against pastor Khanna

Justice J.P Singh of J and K High Court, Jammu on Saturday stayed further proceedings in an FIR until next date in a case of alleged promotion of religious enmity involving one C.M Khanna.The Court issued notice to J and K State through Principal Secretary Home Department, Director General of Police, SSP Srinagar and SHO, Police Station Ram Munshi Bagh, Srinagar.


Kashmir Past and Present-unravellingl the mystique-M.L.KOUL


Farooq Abdullah: The Main Culprit

After the demise of Sheikh Abdullah, it was his son, Farooq Abdullah, who
took over as the helmsman of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The struggle for power within the National Conference was virtually stifled when Mrs. Indira Gandhi through her personal intervention cleared the decks for Farooq to take over the mantle of his father. Sheikh Abdullah had already declared him as his heir by investing him with the presidentship of the National Conference. Farooq would have faced tough opposition from forces within the organisation had Mrs. Gandhi not set the stage for his mid-night coronation. And thus began the saga of precipitous disaster for the state.
Farooq was leagues away from politics. Lacking in depth and maturity, his story in politics was abominable. Though he was the son of Sheikh Abdullah, yet he was not taken very seriously by all hues of people. Before entering the political scene of Kashmir, he had lived for a considerable period in London, where he had formed, not tenuous, but firm links with some prominent secessionist organisations operating on the soil of Britain. The chief among such organisations was the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. 1 Having formed clandestine links with the leaders of such outfits, Farooq seemed bent upon wreaking revenge on the Indian leaders who had wronged his father. There are authentic reports available establishing Farooq's contacts, may be clandestine, with Amanullah Khan, Hashim Qureshi and Maqbool Butt.2


GCIC demands dropping of Jn. Farook Abdulla

Urgent Press release-25th January-2012-
Urgent Press release- 25th January-2012

GCIC demands dropping of Farooq Abdullah

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