Love Jihad

Latest victim of Love Jihad
Love Jihad- Kerala’s latest victims
Posted on July 20, 2012


A battle over a concept called as Love Jihad has broken out in Kerala and this time it is the Christians who are up in arms against this concept. The Global Council of Indian Christians say that the Christians are greatly disturbed by this concept which according to them has victimized 2868 women. They quote the example of a lady called Deepa Cherian now Shahina who had converted to Islam. Shahina was later arrested by the Kochi police on the charge that she had allegedly supplied SIM cards to T Nasir, a Lashkar-e-Tayiba operative.


Kerala: the (perceived) threat of "love jihad"

by Nirmala Carvalho
The term refers to Muslims forced conversions of girls on the promise of a marriage. The Kochi police have arrested a woman who converted to Islam on charges of ties to terrorist activities. Christian and Hindu groups launch campaigns of hatred, but the chief minister Oomen Chandy (Christian) warns against using pretext of interfaith marriages to harass the Islamic community.


Diabolic Love Jihad an international conspiracy ?

Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC)
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Dear Patrons,
Subject: Christians throughout India are Greatly Disturbed by a Diabolic “Love Jihad” Design by Misguided Muslim Youth in India’s West Coast.

Greatly disturbed, Christians throughout India, in unequivocal terms, condemn an international conspiracy of a diabolic nature, a “love jihad” design, of tricking innocent girls by the misguided Indian Muslim youth and converting them to Islam and marrying them as part of a deep-rooted criminal ploy to use them for immoral and terrorist activities in the country. The latest case in the list of such disgusting and painful incidents is that of a married Christian lady from Kochi in Kerala who left her husband working in the Middle East, and then married a Muslim driver of a school bus, thereby becoming an easy accomplice in their terror activities.


Boycott of CJ of Pakistan award ceremony in London on forced conversion of Hindu girls case

Hyderabad(PAK): May 28, 2012. (Abbas Kassar) Sindhis living in UK including International Sindhi Women Organization and World Sindhi Congress has announced boycott of award ceremony which has been arranged in London to give award to chief justice Pakistan Iftikhar Muahammad Chowdhry on the grounds that chief justice Pakistan had handed over Hindu girl Rinkel Kumari Kumari two months back to a PPP MNA Pir Mian Mithoo who had married her forcibly to one of his relatives after kidnapping her. The girl when presented before supreme court was crying to be handed to her parents and had loudly said that she was forcibly married to a Muslim boy but chief justice did not listen her cries and handed her to Muslim boy who had kidnapped her on behest of MNA of ruling PPP Mian Mithoo and then married.