Madhya Pradesh

Seven years jail for cow slaughter in MP

January 4, 2012

The Madhya Pradesh government has amended a bill wherein a person accused of cow slaughter will have to serve seven years in jail instead of the earlier three.The guilty will also face a minimum fine of 5,000 rupees, a statement said Tuesday.
It said that the Madhya Pradesh cow-progeny slaughter prohibition (amendment) bill has received the presidential assent, following which it has become an act.With the enforcement of the amended act, the responsibility of proving the prosecution wrong would lie with the accused.

Pastors attacked in Indore-MP

Nehru Nagar-Indore (M.P): On Wednesday, 21-12-11 Pastor Dilip Wadia (32) in Charge of Light Giving Church was invited by his brother- in-law, Kailash Gormeys (42), to his house in Nehru Nagar, Indore. Pastor Dilip, accordingly, went Nehru Nagar with his family and some other believer friends – altogether about 24 people - 4 men and 20 kids and ladies put together. The program was going on at the terrace. In addition to their usual prayers, they also planned to screen a film on the life of Jesus.

Pastors attacked in Indore-MP

Indor-23rd December

On 21.12.2011 as Pastor Dilip Wadia [32 years old] of Light giving Church was invited by his Brother in Law Kailash Gormeys [42 years old] house in Nehru Nagar Indore.Dilip went with his team to their house they even asked to show the Jesus Film to them.

Pastor Titus and believers arrested in Madhya Pradesh

Eighty year old Pastor A.J.Samuel is the senior pastor in the Indore Pentecostal church for the past many years and his son in Law Pastor Titus is taking care of his ministry’s day to activities . Pastor Titus and few other brothers went for a ministry meeting to viilage called Sendwa in Badhwani District of Madhya Pradesh. Pastor Titus and his entourage was stopped at Tirki vilage . Two police man came and questioned them for not informing the police station about their meeting and they were told to go to the Police station to clarify .