William Carey,lifelong missionary to India, and educator .Birth Day observed

BORN August 17, 176 Paulerspury, England.June 9, 1834 (aged 72)
William Carey, (born August 17, 1761, Paulerspury, Northamptonshire, England—died June 9, 1834, Frederiksnagar [now Shrirampur], India), founder of the English Baptist Missionary Society (1792), lifelong missionary to India, and educator whose mission at Shrirampur (Serampore) set the pattern for modern missionary work. He has been called the “father of Bengali prose” for his grammars, dictionaries, and translations.


Missionary Sentenced to Twenty Years in Sudan Prison 01-30-2017

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Sudan is on President Trump’s visa ban list because its government has perpetually allowed jihadists to base training camps in the country. But another reason for concern is Khartoum’s brutal treatment of Christians.


Church of North India’s last British missionery dies -GCIC condoles death

New Delhi: A British missioner closely associated with India’s premier educational institution, St. Stephen’s College, died in Delhi after a long battle with cancer.
Father Ian Weathrall was 91 when he died on Tuesday. He was the last British member of the Brotherhood, a religious congregation of the Church of North India (CNI).