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Qatar denies involvement in Cairo church attack ???

Qatar has denied any link with a Cairo church bombing that killed 25 people and accused critics of trying to sully the country's name. Doha's Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that it condemned all "terrorism acts", in a statement released through the Qatar News Agency last night.On Monday, Egypt accused fugitive Muslim Brotherhood leaders who fled to Qatar of training and financing those responsible for the deadly bomb attack on the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church a day earlier.


On Mohamed's Birth Day Bombing at Egypt’s main Coptic Christian cathedral killed 22 people and wounded another 35 on Sunday
Bombing at Egypt’s main Coptic Christian cathedral killed 22 people and wounded another 35 on Sunday, according to Egyptian state television, in the second deadly attack to hit the Egyptian capital in two days.


US Based Jihadist supporters call for boycott of Coptic christians

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Why Egypt’s Muslims Are Bitter Towards Coptic Christians
An analysis of this story.
At a time when Coptic Christians are suffering abuses “every two or three days” in Egypt, a Muslim woman in America has made a video calling for more Muslim hostility against the Christian minority, in this case, in the guise of an economic boycott.
In a video, Ayat Oraby—a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer who has nearly 1.5 million followers on Facebook—recently called the Coptic church a “bunch of gangsters,” a “total mafia” that “rules [Egypt] behind the curtains.” The Copts are reportedly “stockpiling weapons in churches” and “striving to create a Coptic statelet” in order to continue waging “a war against Islam.”


Egypt: National Council for Human Rights says Muslim Brotherhood burned churches, Christian homes

Robert Spencer January 25, 2014


The Brotherhood denies any involvement in the burning of churches, but the evidence is clear: Muslim Brotherhood supporters blamed Christians for the popular uprising that toppled the Morsi government, and terrorized them accordingly.
“NCHR: MB smuggled arms, took part in setting fire on churches,” from Egypt’s State Information Service, January 23 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):