Declare India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’(Nation): Hindu convention resolution

Over 342 delegates representing 132 right-wing organisations from across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka attended the four-day convention at Ramnathi in Ponda, Goa.-NDIA Updated: Jun 17, 2017 -Hindu Rashtra
Among other things, the cow is considered sacred by Hindus, and one of the demands right-wing groups has been nationalising a ban on cow slaughter. The All India Hindu Convention on Saturday passed a resolution demanding that India and Nepal be declared ‘Hindu Rashtra’.


Nepal evangelist Debalal martyred

you're awakened at 3AM with an urgent request from an acquaintance--one you've ministered to for months who is in desperate need of prayer for healing and deliverance. What do you do?Nepal evangelist Debalal faithfully arose from his bed and traveled 30-minutes away from his village to the home of 29-year old Kumar.He had prayed with Kumar many times before-- for healing and comfort. That is what God expected from Debalal.But Nepal is a secular but Hindu nation, and many people--especially those residing in rural villages--despise Christians.When Debalal entered Kumar's house to pray, Kumar allegedly beat the evangelist with an iron rod and slit Debala's throat with a khukuri (a popular Nepali knife with a curved blade).

Debalal had shared the Gospel message with villagers and some had warned him to stay away--they didn't want to hear his message or prayers. None of them responded to his calls for help when Kumar attacked.