IS 'sympathizer' converted to Christianity to fool cops in India

This act in ISLAM is called" TAKIYA" temporary change in religion,out look,even do non Islamic things to fool KAFIRS
TNN | Updated: Dec 19, 2016,
Alleged Islamic State (IS) sympathiser Abid Khan converts to Christianity to hoodwink investigators who were on the hunt for him.After NIA sleuths arrested five of his associates, Khan converted his religion and moved to Kullu.


Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA), Counter Intelligence Cell sleuths arrest terror suspect Dawood Suleiman, 23, a TCS software engineer

CHENNAI: In a joint operation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), Counter Intelligence Cell sleuths of Telangana and a CID special investigation division team on Monday apprehended four terror suspects inspired by al-Qaida from hideouts in Chennai and Madurai who had planned to target at least 22 VVIPs including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


NIA to take over cases of missing Kerala youths allegedly recruited for Islamic terror net work

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) will soon take over the cases of missing Kerala youths, who are believed to have joined banned international terror group IS after the State police completed their investigation.
Official sources said the Kerala police have meticulously investigated the cases and identified at least 21 youths who have gone missing from the State. Among them 17 were from Kasaragod and four from Palakkad. They include four women and three children. Two women were among those missing from Palakkad.
The Kerala police have finished their part of investigation and the cases were now being transferred to the NIA for carrying out the probe overseas. The exercise will include collecting of evidence from foreign countries, the sources said.


4 Hindu radicals planted 4 bombs on Samjhauta Express'?

New Delhi
Startling revelations by Kamal Chouhan are helping investigators understand how the Samjhauta Express bombs were brought to the capital, who all took it to the railway station and the sequence of events leading to the tragedy that killed 68 passengers, most of them Pak nationals. Tomorrow marks the fifth year since that attack.