Madhya Pradesh High Court releases detained Christian children to parents

The parents said they were concerned about the safety of their wards and that despite requests the police did not release them.The children and parents were reunited outside the Madhya Pradesh High Court premises on Monday.
A week after seven Christian children were made to deboard a train at the railway station here by Hindu Dharm Jagran Manch activists, the Madhya Pradesh High Court on Oct 30 handed over the children to their parents.

Assignment included lesson which had students recite, "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah"
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Parents Sue School for Forcing Daughter to 'Convert' to Islam
Parents in Maryland are suing public school administrators over concerns that a classroom lesson attempted to indoctrinate their daughter into the Islamic faith.
In an incredible lawsuit filed in US district court last week, Melissa Wood and her husband John Wood, an eight-year US Marine Corps veteran, claim the La Plata Public School violated the First Amendment by promoting “Islam over other faiths, such as Christianity or Judaism.”
The Woods claim their daughter, identified as C.W. in court documents obtained by Infowars, was assigned lessons and homework in her 11th grade World History class which “required the students… to profess statements on the teachings and beliefs of Islam in written worksheets as graded homework assignments,” violating the family’s Christian faith.