Karnataka, two Pentecostal Christians arrested for forced conversions

07/09/2017 INDIA
Mercy and Rosaline guilty of distributing religious material. Hindu activists have surrounded and handed over to the police. The police did not find Christian brothels. Article 25 of the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.


Tirupaty Police denied permission for Christian meeting.

TIRUPATI Christian Public Meeting Permission Rejected by TIRUPATI Urban Super. of Police. The Christian LEADERS & Pastors Christians taken the Rally to save the Democracy & Fundamental Rights of Christians. Supported by Seculars Leaders.

Pakistan Pastors charged under controversial Blasphemy law

LAHORE:Police registered a blasphemy case against Pastor Adnan,Arfan and Mushtaq Masih,under blasphemy laws,Sections of 295,295 A,295 B, 295 C Pakistan Penal Code(FIR No.675/13 registered on 9 October,2013 at about 12:05).The three were charged under Sections 295 A, B and C of PPC at Police Station Township on the complaint of a Muslim man Abid Mehmood s/o Muhammad Ashraf Aqib 153 A Lala Zar Colony Pagat Pura Shadbagh.