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The Persecution Of Christians: “How Many People Are Being Persecuted Because Of Their Faith-POPE

Pope Francis Declares This Statement About The Persecution Of Christians: “How Many People Are Being Persecuted Because Of Their Faith, Forced To Abandon Their Homes, Their Places Of Worship, Their Lands, Their Loved Ones!”by Ted on March 7, 2017 in Featured, General
By Theodore Shoebat


On martyr’s feast, Pope extols victims of anti-Christian persecution??

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John L. Allen Jr.December 26, 201
Of today's new Christian martyrs, Pope Francis said Monday: “Hardships and dangers notwithstanding, they offer courageous witness ... and they live the Gospel committing themselves in favor of the least, of the most overlooked, doing good to all without distinction.”


ASIA/INDIA - Intolerance and violence against Pentecostal Christians

Intolerance and violence against Pentecostal Christians

New Delhi (Agenzia Fides) - "There is growing intolerance and hostility toward small Pentecostal Christian communities, that are not allowed to do what is guaranteed by constitutional guarantees": says to Agenzia Fides Sajan K. George, president of the global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), recalling the recent episodes of violence suffered by Protestant Pentecostal Pastors.


Christian Persecution in India-may 2016

Pastor threatened at Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu

May 1, 2016: According to reports, Hindu fundamentalists led by Tamil Selvan and Govindaraj, leaders of the Kundadam branch of the Hindu Munnani, forced themselves into the house of Pastor Yabez Bharathi and threatened the family. The mob surrounded the house and hurled abuses at the Pastor and his family. They demanded that the Pastor vacates the house and leaves, and that no Christian activity such as prayer be conducted in the area. The Pastor and his family had moved into their newly constructed house that evening itself. Pastor Yabez leads a Church near the area. The Christians contacted the local police station at Odiyoor and the police was able to control the situation.

Hindu extremists announce campaign against Church in Satna, MP Panel member says Christians should be tried for sedition

May 2, 2016: Hindu extremists in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, announced that they would carry out a campaign to stop Hindus from attending Sunday prayers at Churches because Pastors "trick them into conversion". The announcement, that was made on May 2, 2016, was well reported in the national media. Satna district has seen many incident in the recent past where Christians have been targeted, sometimes violently, by right wing groups. A week before the announcement, on April 27, Bajrang Dal people had stormed into a Church and had forcibly stopped a Christian wedding alleging 'conversions'. Laxmi Yadav, a member of the Madhya Pradesh Backward Classes and Minority Welfare Department who enjoys the status equivalent to a minister of state, was present at the spot, when the Bajrang Dal members had stormed into the church. Yadav later told the media, "This is the first case in the country when Christians were caught red-handed converting and marrying OBCs. We will reconvert them, purify them after sprinkling Gangajal and hold a Hindu marriage for the couple. I am seeking legal opinion on whether sedition charge could be invoked against the Christians for waging a war against the country."