Women from North East India's letter.slamming racism in India

The Better India
A Woman From the Northeast Writes a Powerful Letter Slamming Racism in India.
“Demanding me to lick his boots, he said, you deserve it only because you are a dirty tribal from the north east”. -Higio Gungte, Arunachal Pradesh.


Ecumenical conference in Memphis on the fight against poverty and racism-Sharing heritage of Martydom

The legacy of Martin Luther King
Poverty and racism: this is the theme of the annual conference sponsored by the ecumenical organization Christian Churches Together (CCT) in the United States. The meeting will be held 14-17 February in Memphis. The location is not random since it was chosen to underline their commitment to memorializing Christians who fought against discrimination and poverty, such as Martin Luther King, assassinated in Memphis. These Christians represent precious authorities on the ecumenical path, especially in the spirit of sharing the heritage of “the martyrs” who were part of different Christian traditions, who thus discovered they were united through the common witness of faith in Christ.


Saudi Arabia: where carrying the Rosary is a crime -Where God weeps

Saudi Arabia-
April 05, 2011
Camille Eid, a professor at the University of Milan, describes the persecution Christians endure in Saudi Arabia. Eid, who has lived in Jeddah-- the nation’s second-largest city-- told the television program “Where God Weeps” that
it is hard to be a lay Catholic in Saudi Arabia because you have to have a very deep background in your faith. You cannot have copies of the Gospel in your home.