Religious Persecution

The Silence Regarding the Persecution of Christians

By Robert Weissberg
In case you haven't noticed, thousands -- perhaps millions -- of Christians living in Muslim nations are being prosecuted, even brutally murdered. For example, in Nigeria in 2011, the Muslim extremist group Boko Haram killed 510 Christians and destroyed more than 350 churches using guns, gasoline bombs, and even machetes, all the while shouting "Allahu akbar" ("God is great"). On Christmas Day alone they slaughtered 42 Catholics. Similar attacks have occurred in Iraq (our "ally"), where since 2003 more than 900 Iraqi Christians have died from terrorist attacks in Baghdad alone while half of all Iraqi Christians have fled the country (see here and here).


South Sudan-GCIC welcomes birth of a new nation

For years we have advocated for peace and prayed for the war-torn nation of Sudan. It has been a long struggle. After the Bush Administration aggressively negotiated the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the North and South, atrocities in the Darfur region continued to grab headlines.

Despite some violations by the North, the CPA held. We have remained watchful. You may recall that we senta series of email reports last fall, about the referendum which would determine if South Sudan would secede. In January the South overwhelming voted for indepencence, which the Government of Sudan accepted.Remaining challenges were overcome, and today-July 9th-the nation of South Sudan formally take its place among the sovereign nations of the earth.


Controversial 'equality law 'in UK strips christians right to use symbol of cross

London-Palm leave woven cross an offense and threat?

An electrician in the UK is facing the sack for displaying a small cross on the dashboard of his company van.Former soldier Colin Atkinson has been summoned to a disciplinary hearing by the giant housing association where he has been employed for 15 years because he refuses to remove the symbol, reports the Daily Mail.