Religious Persecution

GCIC shocked and dismayed by the persecutions against Christians in Egypt

- We are witnessing a revolution by the people in Egypt. By the sheer force of their numbers, Muslims and Copts forced President Mubarak out of office. But now we need to ask ourselves if this historic change will bring greater freedom for all the people.


Europe's disappearing backbone

Does Europe still have a heart? Does Europe still have a backbone?

The failure of EU legislators to pass a resolution condemning the persecution of Christians suggests that the political leaders of the continent have lost any sense of common purpose: any guiding ideal that could constitute an enduring basis for their alliance.


GCIC rejects just.Somashekara Commission report and demands publication of NHRC findings

Bangalore, Jan 28,sort-city.cms
According to media sources ,The Justice B K Somashekara Commission, appointed by the state government to investigate the church attacks of 2008, has given a 'clean chit' to the BJP, Sangha Parivar and the state government.
(Attached are some scenes from the brutal attack carried out against Christians in Karnataka-

Muslim woman whipped in public for wearing trousers

A Sudanese Muslim woman was publicly whipped for wearing trousers, a video released on the internet shows.

The woman was apparently punished under the Sharia law for wearing trousers under her Islamic clothing, Sky News reported Tuesday.