Religious Persecution

Christians murdered and persecuted in Middle East, but Obama silent

Thousands of Christians from Europe began a peaceful demonstration in Brussels on Saturday to protest the escalation of violence against Christians in Iraq and other nations in the Middle East. Unfortunately, when President Barack Obama visited the region, he was silent about the murder and persecution of Christians in Muslim and communist countries.(Islamic officer in veil frisks a Christan nun-Obam's America)
As if the United Nations' failure to address the persecution of Christians weren't bad enough, that international body's resolution called “Defamation of Religions” will lay the legal ground work for a country to legalize persecution of their citizens if they believe in a different religion than the state. Such a resolution would be of great assistance to Muslim, communist and socialist nations who view the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible impediments to their political or theological goals.


PAK Christian women are twice disadvantaged- , National Coordinator of the Catholic Women’s Organization

Christian women are neglected and marginalized in Pakistan society. Any woman in the forefront of Pakistani society is Muslim. You just don’t see Christian women represented in the professions or in leadership positions in society,Rosemary Noel said in a Christian leaders gatheringCourtesy UCAN