Religious Persecution

young volunteer repaired village road,police allegedly tried to stop on behalf of religious bigots

A group of teenagers repaired a kilometer of damaged public road in a village in Karnataka, despite allegation that the Catholic Church organized it to convert the children.

The 82 students who repaired the road were part of the Oct. 7-11 village camp the Church organized in Madanthyar village, near Mangalore.

The students, including Hindus and Muslims, were members of Young Students’ Movement (YSM), a Catholic forum for students in grades eight to ten. The forum is part of internationally known Young Christian Students’ movement (YCS).

Some members of a Hindu group identified Hindu students in the group and complained to the police saying the program was part of Catholic efforts to convert children.

Police wanted to stop the work saying it might create sectarian disquiet but most of the Hindu villagers supported the program with some 100 people joining the students in the repair work.


Chinese extend blind Human Rights activist's jail term

News Update Chen Guangcheng, blind activist, free after more than four years in prison
He denounced violence related to the one child law, with forced abortions and sterilizations in Shandong. In prison he was sick but denied treatment. In recent years, his wife has been under house arrest and isolation, telephone controlled and internet disconnected.


Fight over Hindu temple reaches court in South Africa

Fight over Hindu temple reaches court in South Africa
Pretoria, Sept 5, (PTI):

A long-standing dispute between a Muslim and Hindu neighbour over the latter's alleged use of his home as a temple is to go to court where lawyers will test the Constitutional prescriptions on religious freedom in South Africa.