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Declare India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’(Nation): Hindu convention resolution

Over 342 delegates representing 132 right-wing organisations from across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka attended the four-day convention at Ramnathi in Ponda, Goa.-NDIA Updated: Jun 17, 2017 -Hindu Rashtra
Among other things, the cow is considered sacred by Hindus, and one of the demands right-wing groups has been nationalising a ban on cow slaughter. The All India Hindu Convention on Saturday passed a resolution demanding that India and Nepal be declared ‘Hindu Rashtra’.


Sri Lanka is constructing world's tallest artificial Christmas tree

The world record attempt is a symbol of religious harmony in the previously war-torn nation.
Posted on November 7, 2016,Colombo:
Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka is currently constructing the world’s tallest artificial Christmas tree which they hope will break the Guinness World Record and promote religious harmony.Once completed, the Christmas tree will stand at a height of about 114 meters and be decorated with 500,000 multi-colored lights.


Sri Lankan Buddhist radicals attack two independent Christian churches and burnt bibles

Eight Buddhist monks were among the 24 people who carried out the attack. Police were unable to contain the mob, which destroyed buildings and burnt religious literature. According to the attackers, the two churches do not have the permit needed to remain open. Religious intolerance is growing against religious minorities.


Gandhi statue vandalised in Sri Lanka-GCIC condemns

COLOMBO, July 31, 2012
A second statue of Mahatma Gandhi was vandalised in Budhist Sri Lanka, this time in the Army-controlled Northern Province headquarter town of Jaffna.The incident happened past midnight on Saturday, and two persons were taken into custody on suspicion a day later.

The statue was unveiled by the Indian Consul General in Jaffna, V.Mahalingam on Martyrs Day in January, 2011. “The statue is a reinforced concrete structure. It cannot be vandalised easily,” Mr.Mahalingam said, when asked about the incident. He has sent reports of the incident to the Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Ashok K.Kantha, and also met the Government Agent for Jaffna, along with the Mayor, to lodge a complaint.