UK to discuss ‘persecution of minorities’ in India with PM Modi

Commonwealth meet: UK to discuss ‘persecution of minorities’ in India with Modi
March 5, 2018
New Delhi:During the meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London and Windsor with PM Modi, to be held in April, Britain is likely to raise the issue of ‘alleged persecution of Christians and Sikhs in India’, as reported by the media.


British Prime Minister Takes Strong Pro-Christian Stand-Trump effect

2:00PM EST 11/30/2016

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May.Theresa May has said Christians should be able to speak about their faith in the workplace.Responding to a question in Parliament today, the Prime Minister said the UK has a "very strong tradition" of "religious tolerance and freedom of speech", and added that our "Christian heritage is something we can all be proud of."Fiona Bruce MP had raised concerns that many Christians are worried "about mentioning their faith in public", after a report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) hit out at organisations which suppress Christianity for fear of causing offence.


Controversial 'equality law 'in UK strips christians right to use symbol of cross

London-Palm leave woven cross an offense and threat?

An electrician in the UK is facing the sack for displaying a small cross on the dashboard of his company van.Former soldier Colin Atkinson has been summoned to a disciplinary hearing by the giant housing association where he has been employed for 15 years because he refuses to remove the symbol, reports the Daily Mail.


Muslims proclaim" evil Christmas" in UK-Sharia Lobbyist claim its duty of Muslims to attack Christmas

A radical Islamic group that was banned in the United Kingdom after it threatened to protest at a veterans' memorial, have placed thousands of posters around the UK claiming that the Christmas season is one of rape, promiscuity, abortion, crime and pedophilia.
The posters have already made appearances in parts of London where Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick called them "extremely offensive" and demanded they be taken down.
The so-called "Evils of Christmas" read:
'On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me an STD (sexually transmitted disease).
'On the second day debt, on the third rape, the fourth teenage pregnancies and then there was abortion.'According to the posters, this Christian holiday is also responsible for paganism, domestic violence, homelessness, vandalism, alcohol and drugs.Another offence of Christmas, it proclaims, is 'claiming God has a son'.