Vision of Christ atop where twin towers once stood

Photographer Captures ‘Vision of the Lord’ Atop Light Beams Where Twin Towers Once Stood
Sep. 15
Hours before the 15th anniversary of 9/11, a New Jersey man captured what he said looks like a “a vision of the Lord” atop the beams of light where the World Trade Center towers once stood.


Trump rips media for mocking Christians _By Jonathan Easley

Donald Trump accused the media of mocking Christians and vowed to be a champion for religious liberty at a gathering of social conservatives in Washington on Friday.

Speaking at the Values Voter Summit, the GOP presidential nominee received several standing ovations from the packed ballroom of Christian conservatives.
Trump has at times struggled to convince social conservatives that he can be a trusted advocate for the causes that are important to them, but many have come around as they consider the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency.
On Friday, Trump thrilled the crowd with a speech that flashed an increased familiarity with the language Christians use and the issues that are most important to them.


Christan victims of religious persecution unwelcome in west and east

Christian refugees_0.jpg

Unfortunately Western and USA had opened door for muslim refugees and they are welcome but what are they doing they are killing and burning your countries and also burning your flags. These below pictures are of innocent Christians. Their houses and family members are burned and killed by muslims in pakistan and flee and came to Thailand and few are arrested in Bangkok. Why West and USA not welcoming these innocent Christians from Thailand. They need your attention and support please keep praying for these families.



wisemen crafted the manipulative stories that democracy equals liberty, man evolved from monkies,
According to a study by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life,[ii] less than 20% followers of these religious groups make more than $75,000 a year. By comparison, 67% of the Reformed Jews, 65% percent Hindus, and 57% Conservative Jews earn more than $75,000/year. The finding that American evangelicals[iii] are poorer than the Roman Catholics surprised Pew Researchers who had thought that the economic miracle of the “modern” age was Protestantism’s fruit.
The study raises questions such as: Has American evangelicalism lost Protestantism’s original DNA? Do American missions still carry the “good news for the poor?” (Luke 4:18) Or, is their success, spectacular in some countries, a tribute to the original and still-lingering image of Protestantism? Why did Christianity lose the power that gave it influence over education and economy, government and law, press and entertainment? How can the Church recover the power to prevail over the forces of evil?
President Obama has conceded that unjust invasion of Libya was his Presidency's worst mistake. His desire to replace Gaddaffi's dictatorship with democratic freedom plunged that oil rich nation into a terrible civil war. Various militias, including the Islamic State, are controlling splintered parts of that nation. A man may not be able to feed his children but he has to obtain a gun to defend them - law and order, peace, security, jobs have disappeared. A winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, President Obama is yet to repent of spending 500 milion dollars of tax-payers money to train and arm Syrian militias that are making millions homeless.
Tony Blair, UK's former Prime Minister, has confessed that supporting President George Bush's unjust war in Iraq to depose Saddam Hussain was a terrible mistake. It did usher in constitution, election, and democracy .... But not liberty and peace. A 'Born-Again' President's aggression based on the story of non-existent weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) has fragmented that nation, plunging it into multiple civil wars. It created the monstrosity called the Islamic State. President Bush is yet to repent of the stories his administration fed to the global media to justify the unjust war.