Sajan K George: India tells UN that protects equality, but minorities are desperate
The activist criticizes the statement in the UN Council for Human Rights by the Indian delegation. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), which controls the violation of religious freedom abroad, said that in India the religious minority communities and Dalits face discrimination and persecution.


We advise US Govt, not India: US Commission on Religious Freedom

India's situation has become "worrisome" in seven years, says USCIRF commission member.
The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) will recommend to the administration that its relations with India must take into account the “worrisome situation” with regard to religious freedom in India.
“I do not want to prejudge what the final report will say, but one recommendation that we will make is that the government-to-government relations between the two countries, including strategic and commercial ties should have a framework that promotes religious freedom in India,” said Katrina Lantos-Swett, a member of the commission team that was planning to visit India earlier this month. The commission was denied visas by the Indian government. She said, over a period of seven years, the situation in India has become “worrisome.”
Ms Lantos-Swett told The Hindu in an interview: “It is not our mandate to tell India what it should do. But it is our legislative mandate to recommend to the US government what it should do for protecting religious freedoms in various countries.” The U.S government’s decision to deny visa to Narendra Modi in 2005 when he was the Gujarat chief minister, was consequent to the commission’s recommendation then.