50 year old Evangelist couple of Chamrajnagar District,Karnataka Persecuted.

Kolipalya, Chamrajnagar, Karnataka: 18-09-2013 - Mrs. Sannamma, 50, and her husband,55, are evangelists in Kolipalya village, Chamrajnagar District, in Karnataka. They belong to the Lambani community, a tribe in Karnataka. About 10 Years ago they embraced Christianity and have dedicated their entire lives for Christ, as they have no children. They work in a Hindu Ashram to earn their livelihood. Sannamma works as a cook and her husband works as a watchman in the same Ashram. During their spare time both of them go visiting the Kolipalya village and other surrounding villages in the locality preaching the gospel as evangelists. They belong to The Glorious Church whose pastor is Rev. Selvakumar. They distribute tracks, share the gospel and pray with them, and if those new people want to know more about Jesus or want to attend the prayer meetings, they also take them to the church. Nearly 37 families have accepted Christ in the villages as a result of their preaching and spreading the message of Christ in those villages.

On the 13th of September, this couple went to Mukkanapalya village, a few kilometers away from their village to share the gospel, and on their way back they also visited another village called Nirayanpalya. It was in this village where they were intercepted by a group of about 100 Hindu radicals from the surrounding three villages and stopped them and snatched the Bibles and tracks from their hands and tore them into pieces. They began shouting at them using dirty slang language leveling false allegation of forcible conversion of Hindus to Christianity. They also began questioning them as to why they are bribing the poor and low caste Hindus and converting them to Christianity. Then they pulled her clothes and began to beat her ruthlessly right in front of her husband. They also manhandled her husband.

They then forcibly dragged them both to a nearby temple to convert them back to Hinduism. They poured water on them, as if to purify them from the pollution of Christianity, in the presence of all the people present at the temple. They also applied Kunkum on their foreheads, signifying that they have been converted back to Hinduism. It is also learnt that they were forced to sign on a paper declaring that they would not go about sharing the gospel message or take anyone to the church any more. They also supposed to have threatened them with dire consequences if they ever went and complained to the Police about what had transpired in the village. The most tragic part of the whole thing was that the local Tahsildhar and some policemen were also present when the whole thing was going on.

However, when they went to the police station and tried to lodge a complaint against the brutality of the Hindu fanatics, the police supposed to have refused to accept their complaint, but on the other hand they charged them with a false case of forcible conversion of Hindus to Christianity though not a single converted Christian has ever complained of forced conversion against them.

Sannamma is admitted as an in-patient in the Government Hospital at Chamrajnagar as she is very badly wounded with bruises all over her body and also internal injuries. She is complaining of pain in her chest and also her head. She is under observation and treatment in the hospital. The doctors have also suggested that she may have to take bed rest for quite some time after her discharge from the hospital.

A team of pastors in that district along with a lawyer have visited the place and are doing their best. They have also filed a case against the Hindu radicals involved in the atrocity at the Ramasamudra Police Station and are also in contact with the Police Officers. Please pray for them.